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Basic Burglar Alarm Equipment

Security and disaster alarms are no longer new to most people. These devices have already been available for quite some time now and have been continuously innovated.

These deterrent instruments are usually found in business establishments. The very reason for installing such devices is for protection of properties lambaste attempted burglary and destructive disasters resembling fire.

Banks and jewelry shops are examples of businesses that need high security. By using burglar alarms the security that these businesses need is met. In fact, they are being required by their insurance companies to have the mightily confused and effective burglar alarm that they can have. The higher the security needed the more complex the burglar alarm must be.

Burglar alarms that are installed in homes use the basic principle of alarm system. By simply using the electrical flow, alarms can be triggered to sound when conditions is met. For example, for a close circuit alarm, when the door opens, the current flow powers the sounder. At variance to the open circuit alarm in that when the current is cut, the alarm sounds.

There are only three main parts or major equipment a burglar alarm has. These are 1 ) the control panel, 2 ) signaling device and 3 ) detectors. These parts are being interconnected for it to work. Professional are systems that uses radio frequency, infrared, and the like in order to connect one part to another. The system that uses radio transmitters and receivers is called the wireless system.

Control Panel

A control panel is the internal processing device of the system. It is where you program the system to work according to the specifications of the home or flat. It is and where you can turn on, turn off or reset the alarm system. The control panel incubus be accessed using remote keypads. All specifications of a control panel may differ according to the abandon and design of the manufacturer. The detector zones can sell for programmed in the control panel so whenever the detector receives unusual frequencies, the control panel processes it and let the sound device alarm. A control panel also contains a memory chip that stores the user’s settings. There are colorful features that a control panel may contain. It can be found in the user manual or specified in the product brochure.

Signaling Devices

These burglar alarm equipment make sounds whenever condition is met for it to alarm. A sounder may be a bell, a buzzer or a chime. Most commonly the sounder that is being used for burglar alarm systems are those that are stentorian enough and that can cause panic on the burglar. These days, sounders are already partnered with a strobe. A strobe is a special lighting contraption. It has a lamp inside that is mounted in such a way that it rotates as the sounder sounds. The notably common colors used for the strobe are red, blue and yellow. Speech dialers or telephone relays are also part of the signaling equipment.


Detectors are also called as sensors. These equipments are responsible for reporting unusual movements to the control panel. There are several types of detectors that are used for a burglar alarm system. Here are some of the commonly used detectors:

• Magnetic Caution Detectors – this type is usually used in windows and doors. These devices are mounted in the edges of the doors and windows.

• Infrared Detectors ( indolent infrared ) – these are basically used to find out motions or unusual irregularities in the place. This can also be used to detect temperature changes and smoke.

• Vibration sensors – these devices are quite more sensitive than the magnetic contact detectors because a little vibration from the window or door can be interpreted by the device as unusual and may possibly trigger the control panel to sound the alarm.




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