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On September 26, 2006 in Lawrence, MA, an unusual story front on the news. The story was about an old lady who encountered a burglar inside her house. According to her story, she was awaked by a stranger wearing black clothes and carrying a curved knife in his hand. The burglar never demanded for anything big from her except for an amount of $40. The victim resisted and insisted that she have no money and forced the burglar to go out of her house. The story becomes unusual because it seldom happens that a burglar leaves a home without getting something or stable kills the resident.

Good enough that the 85 - year old lady was not hurt by the burglar and her house was left intact. The old lady could have been killed by the burglar; her daughter who was sleeping that time may have also been harmed. The old lady admits in an interview later that after the incident her peace of mind was robbed and felt that she is no longer safe in her own house.

Not all burglary incidents are as clean and in noxious owing to the story. Most of the time, such incidents are too destructive that it does not just harm property but also life.

If the old lady could have installed a burglar alarm system in her house maybe the burglar may have been captured by the police. And, she could have locked her arousing immediately before the burglar broke into it.

Burglar alarms are very important security instruments. The importance of these instruments is not just limited to securing property and life but also giving peace of mind to residents.

These tools are commonly used in stores and other business establishments. In fact they were designed to be mounted in such establishments. Nowadays, burglar alarm kits are already available for home installation.

Here are ways on how to gain burglar alarm kits for residential use:

• Know the physical attributes of your home. Particularly, take note of the entry points in your home like windows, doors, basement exit, fire exits, etc. When these entry points are integrated with the alarm system, you have a higher chance of detecting unauthorized entry.

• Look for security companies that offers burglar alarm system kit installation. Asking the police department for lists of companies is a more effective way of looking for a security company that is trustworthy. Upon finding several prospect companies, sweat for a written quote and invite them for a home inspection.

• There are several types of alarm systems. In many cities, there are alarms that do not make sounds but can detect movements and can alarm the police away. Trained are also alarms that sounds loud to let you and neighbors know of an illegal chamber and can drive away burglars. The next type is the telephone relayed alarm that when an illegal entry is detected, the system dials the police or the security company’s number and plays a recorded message alarming the latter that something wrong is going on. These three are just some of so many types of burglar alarm systems. Look for one that you deem most suitable for your home and your location.

• Draft a good physical plan where you want to put the control panel, the keypad and other necessary component included in the kit. The control panel is basically a switch that turns the alarm on and off. Make sure that this important instrumentality is installed in the most strategic location.

• You may also choose the general alarm. There are alarms that do not just detect movements but as well as temperature changes, inundate, smoke, etc.




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